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Milk Powders, Dairy Fat, Proteins and Accessible Nutrition

Instant Fortified Whole Milk Powder

High in zinc and iron, and packed with added vitamins that may help support immunity and cognition.With its fortification and the inherent goodness of dairy, there are many different ways NZMP Fortified+ Instant Milk Powder can be marketed to consumers. For inspiration we have complied a range of consumer benefit territories NZMP Fortified+ Instant Milk Powder could potentially deliver to. The goodness of NZ shines through in the taste. Grass fed cows produce milk with higher levels of omega-3 and CLA fats and more beta carotene, giving a full creamy dairy flavour.

Suitable for: Consumer Milk Powders , Beverages

Product Highlights: Can claim high in iron and zinc, a good source of calcium.
Excellent dispersability and solubility with minimal stirring needed.
Natural dairy goodness from New Zealand pastures.
Applications: Suitable for direct repack or blending

Skim Milk Powder

Regular Skim Milk Powder Medium Heat is a soluble powder made by spray drying fresh pasteurised skim milk.Each of our skimmed milk powders creates a clean dairy milk taste with consistent composition and quality. You can choose exactly the specification of powder needed for your product formulation from our large range. You can use our skim milk powder in many ways. It’s ideal for use as a source of non-fat milk solids in confectionery products, bakery products, in dry blended and formulated products. And also in a wide range of recombined dairy products such as UHT milk, cultured products, sweetened condensed milk and ice cream mixes.
Suitable for: Beverage, Food Manufacture, Youghurts And Cultured Milk
Product Highlights: Good Solubility Good Dispersibility, Low Fat Content
Application: Recombined products including sweetened condensed milk, pasteurised
milk, milk cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream mixes, confectionary and Bakery Products

Buttermilk Powder

Regular Buttermilk Powder for UHT Milk is manufactured by spray drying buttermilk, which is derived from the manufacture of cream products. Our buttermilk powder is high in phospholipids, which improve the heat stability of evaporated milk and recombined UHT milk. This improved heat stability can help to reduce fouling rates in UHT milk sterilisers.With superior solubility and emulsifying properties, our buttermilk powder also lets you use a lower level of stabilisers in your product formulation. Whatever your need, you’ll find our buttermilk powder to be highly reliable, helping to produce consistent final products. When it comes to flavour, our buttermilk powder has a lot going for it. High levels of phospholipids, great solubility, uniform fat content and good emulsifying properties give a full, rich, creamy taste.
Suitable for: Food Manufacture
Product Highlights: Good Solubility, Excellent Heat Stability, Good Emulsifying properties
Application: Recombined products such as Ultra Heat Treated milk, Evaporated milk, Sweetened condensed milk and ice cream

Sweet Whey Powder

What makes NZMP Whey powder so good? It’s suitable for infant nutrition – meeting global infant nutritional manufacturing and product standards. It has a consistent quality and supply – enjoy a reliable supply with consistent protein and mineral levels, and low seasonal variation.It has good handling characteristics and a wide range of functional quality, texture, flavour and colour formation.
Suitable for: Beverage, food manufacture, sports and lifestyle nutrition
Product Highlights: Good handling characteristics, Highly Soluble, Rich in Lactose, Sweet Flavor
Application: Bakery Products, Frozen Desserts, Health Foods, Confectionery, Convenience Foods

Lactose Powder

Use as a food ingredient is a variety of applications. Lactose is a carbohydrate with relatively low sweetness, can replace sucrose and excels as a flavour enhancer.
Our two main product lines are Edible 99.5% Lactose – an ideal baking and confectionery ingredient – and Refined Edible 99.8% Lactose, which is optimised for use in infant formula.
Edible 99.5% is available in Kosher and Halal options; Refined Edible 99.8% as a Halal option.
Suitable for: Beverage, food manufacture,
Product Highlights: Low sweetness, Non-Hygroscopic; continues to flow freely around moisture, Flavour and colour binding properties, Edible 99.5% Lactose and Refined Edible 99.8% Lactose grades, Custom mesh sizes available to suit your needs
Application: Bakery Products, Confectionery, Infant Formula

Buttermilk Powder
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