Commodity Quest Inc. distinguishes itself for bringing only quality products to business partners in the industry. It has ensured to carry only the best food ingredients which are duly accredited by local authorities and other international regulatory bodies.

Cocoa and Chocolates

The Cocoa and Chocolates product line clearly remains to be its strongest commodity in the market today. The products, mainly cocoa powders, butters, liquors, and chocolate and compound coatings, are most commonly used in the baking, confectionery, snacks, ice cream and dairy industries.

Cocoa is very essential in the Bakery Industry. Sweet snacks and desserts, baked goods such as cakes, cookies, brownies, and doughnuts, and chocolate frostings are some of the chocolate treats that utilizes cocoa. Other products are chocolate candy bars, and hot cocoa.

Cocoa is also used in favourite cold desserts like chocolate pudding and mousse. Not to be overlooked is the essentiality of cocoa in the ice cream and dairy industry.

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