Our People


The success of a company also depends on the constituents working together. This is a factor ComQuest takes pride in. The company is comprised of highly knowledgeable, competently- trained and experienced professionals, who excel in the field of food technology.

Employees are tasked to regularly attend technical trainings here and abroad to broaden their knowledge on every product line the company sources. Sending delegations to seminars aimed to hone specific skills and enhance product proficiency, is also given special priority. ComQuest encourages its employees to continually gain practical knowledge to enable them to be au courant with the constantly evolving world of food technology.

ComQuest and its partners regularly participate in local and international trade shows such as the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Expo, Food Ingredients Europe, Food Ingredients Asia and Food Ingredients China to establish stronger networks not only with local but also with international contacts. Actively participating in these events is the company’s way of supporting and advocating advancements in the industry.