Corporate Growth



Commodity Quest Inc., thru consistent innovation, continues to improve its strategies and approaches to the market. Experiencing a steady growth since its inception in 1987, the company’s rapid development of new products, coupled with aggressive marketing efforts, has brought forth this remarkable development.


Product Diversity

Commodity Quest Inc. spearheaded its venture with a single product line. Today, it offers a wide variety of products sourced through fifteen (15) international principals and suppliers.

These quality products cater to different food sectors and their own unique demands. The company has gone a long way from the one product it started with. Now, it sources about a hundred products. There is no doubt as to what the company can further achieve through its passion for innovation.

Distribution Facilities

Commodity Quest Inc. has the latest, storage–distribution system. The company’s warehouse, located in Pasig City, is well-maintained, monitored by a regular security detail, insured by a reputable agency, and covered by a comprehensive pest control program to guarantee and ensure the safety of the products it contains.

For transporting products, ComQuest has company-owned delivery vehicles, ensuring secure, convenient and efficient delivery and distribution of products. The company also maintains sub-distributors for smaller businesses and individual food enthusiasts, including established networks in Visayas and Mindanao.



Commodity Quest Inc. consistently participates in local trade fairs, primarily to showcase the different product lines the company offers, and also to forge and establish business relationships with prospective clients and suppliers.