Our Company

Commodity Quest, Inc.


Commodity Quest Inc. was founded in March of 1987. The company started out by trading commodities which comprised mainly of copra, pepper, sugar and rice. Not long after, leather, chemicals and computer peripherals were incorporated into its product lines. Later, food ingredients were included in the venture. This was the beginning of what would eventually define the company.

ComQuest started its foray into the food ingredients industry through the COCOA market. ADM Cocoa, formerly called De Zaan, subsequently granted Comquest exclusive rights to distribute its products in the early 1990s. This eventually marked the company’s dynamic contribution to the local food manufacturing industry.

Today, ComQuest continues to grow and take its entrepreneurial vision further. Expanding its market coverage and developing new and exciting product lines are on top of the company’s plans to further live up to its corporate thrust. The company also looks forward to an increase in collaborations with international companies in the upcoming years.

ComQuest has already realized so much potential in the food ingredients industry to date, but the endeavor is far from over. The company will continue to break new ground and go beyond boundaries to ensure that the Philippine market has access to the best of what the world market has to offer.